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One Last Night is a student project inspired by the cinematic platformer genre of the 90's. It is a 2-D narrative experience focused on visuals and story in a familiar setting. Éric Chahi's games (Another World and Heart of Darkness) greatly influenced the production and visuals of One Last Night.

If you like the game, show support by spreading the word and leaving your feedback. Obviously the reception of Act 1 will be extremely important in consideration of making a part 2. So, if you like it and want to see the story continue, let me know!

The main goals of the project were to learn how to make a basic 2-D game for PC, produce illustrations in photoshop, and create detailed rotoscope animations. All artwork in the game came from reference images and videos. Backgrounds and animations were made by drawing over still images and video frames.


One Last Night - Act 1 230 MB


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Bug Report:

When I found the key and used it to unlock the safe box, after the animation where boy puts a music player in his pocket, safe-box becomes at first uninteractive, however if I exit his bedroom and re-enter in it, trying to interact with safe-box that animation starts all over again.

Anyway, thanks for your attention and your work!

Hello trota68

Thanks for the bug report, I actually thought I had fixed that for the final release but it would seem that something slipped past my attention.

Again thanks for the comment and I hope you enjoyed the game.

Jonah Lovell